DRC Lap Timer from Langston Racing – Reviewed

For most off-road riders going riding is always fun. Even a bad day of riding is better than a day at the office. If you ride as much as we do sometimes you hit dull periods where it actually feels like work to go riding! Hard to believe but true. One way we try to keep things fresh is by constantly trying to improve. For us improvement is most easily measured by timing laps. While timing laps is nothing new, it’s not always easy. Someone has to be off the bike holding the stopwatch. Which means someone has to forgo riding to man the stopwatch. Arranging someone to sit track side recording laps for you just got easier. So much easier in fact, you can forget about having to ask your younger brother or GF to come to the track with you. All you have to do is get your hands on the DRC Laptimer from Langston Racing.

The stopwatch is built into the bar pad, fitting either a Fatbar or standard crossbar configuration. The timer comes with quick connect wiring that goes to a button you mount by your grip, every time you pass a designated start/stop point, press the green button to record your next lap. The DRC Laptimer records up to 50 laps and has an additional (INT) mode that allows you to record the same number of intervals or sections from point A to point B.  When you have finished your moto simply press  stop then press the + /- keys to view your lap times. The DRC Lap Timer is super easy to use and weighs a scant 1.4 oz. It comes in your choice of Black, Red, Blue and Orange.

You have to re-locate your kill switch to place the green start/stop switch close enough to easily hit with your thumb.

We love the large digital interface which allows for viewing, albeit briefly, while riding. The system is water proof so you can still use it when the weather isn’t cooperating and you won’t have to remove it when washing the bike after a day of riding. This is a must have item if you want to record your lap times. The only thing we would want to have to make the DRC Timer better is a transponder to automatically start each new lap. Otherwise it is perfect!

Retail: $74.95
Get yours at www.langstonracing.com