Want To Hang With Travis Pastrana and the Boys of Nitro Circus?

EVS Sports and Tucker Rocky Distributing are proud to announce the EVS On Location with Travis Pastrana & Nitro Circus Contest. This once in a lifetime opportunity will grant three lucky winners the chance to become the next Nitro Circus star!

You’ve all seen the hit MTV show, and now here’s your chance to score big and have a chance to hang out with Travis and his insane crew.

All you have to do is purchase any EVS product from a participating dealership (click on link below to find a dealer near you), enter the contest and then you’re in the running to win the ultimate Travis Pastrana experience. It’s really that simple!

When all is said and done, three winners will win an all expenses paid trip (courtesy of EVS) to hang out on location with the Nitro Circus crew (including, but not limited to, Travis Pastrana, Andy Bell, Jolene Van Vugt, Jim DeChamp, Erik Roner, “Streetbike” Tommy, Jeremy Rawle, Gregg Godfrey, Hubert Rowland and Scott Palmer). This once in a lifetime trip will be topped off with the chance to go absolutely crazy with the Nitro Circus crew…who knows what could happen when you’re with this special group of people!

For complete details, log on to www.evs-sports.com/nitrocircus today or call 1.888.873.8423