2010 MX Masterkids Team USA Needs Your Help

From Vurb Moto
2010 has been the toughest year yet to select and help fund the MX Masterkids Team USA squad.  That being said, we have 13 riders going to Commercy France first week in July.  They will be the defending champions of the event which draws over 1000 riders from 30 countries to compete for the Masterkids Team trophy.  I am sending this e-mail to the folks I know to try to raise money for the team.  Flights to Europe have averaged $1400 this year making it an extremely difficult thing for the average guy to afford.  We are trying to give people of less than average means, the ability to represent their country and enjoy a great MX experience.  I would like to raise money through donations of product or services to help defray some of these expenses for team members.  I will be holding an eBay auction which I will publicize on various websites to get maximum effect.  The money will go to pay for graphics, team shirts, entry fees, meals in Europe and depending on the success, possibly some airfare help and contingency bonuses for the riders.  If anyone would like to make a cash donation here is the paypal that has been set up:
Thanks in advance for everyone’s help and assistance!
Mike Burkeen