Warthog Racing Needs Your Help

Hello Potential Sponsors and Benefactors,

My name is Scott Kandel. I am the founder and Chief Altruistic Officer of Warthog Racing (www.WarthogRacing.com). Warthog Racing runs a professional Supercross/Motocross race team – the largest team in the world and has been focused on helping “privateer” racers since 2003. We are unique in that we support very talented professional racers that we refer to as the noble privateers. These men and women are resource disadvantaged and we work extremely hard to find them the necessary resources to allow them to live their dreams, with a chance to rise to the top of the sport. Operating on a not-for-profit basis through our relationships with The World Zoo Ministries, which is led by the Reverend Stephen Shippy, and also The Fast Friends Foundation, recently founded by Steve Jugan, our programs provide charitable donation tax benefits of 501(c)3 organizations to contributors.

I have attached a link right below for the 2010 Title Sponsorship Proposal in PDF format for your review. Just single, double or Ctrl- Click on the link to begin the download process, depending on your e-mail program. It will be coming from my Apple scottkandel.me.com account and is virus free. It is approximately 15MB and will download quickly. If you would like the original in 2007 PowerPoint format, please contact me directly at 213 268-2659.


The men and women selected to The Warthog Racing Academy program are evaluated through a demanding tryout process and coaching program developed by the innovative Bryan McDonald, who, I believe, will soon be a name everyone will know as he is getting the kind of performance from the kids selected to the Academy many deemed impossible. And all that has come in a very short period of time; their progress under Bryan’s Signature Coaching methods is truly remarkable. These racers will be allocated resources like money, sponsor support, and likely race motorcycles provided by Gateway Cycles in Kentucky and Kawasaki Motorcycles so that they can compete to be the best in the world. We only have one paid position on staff – the team truck driver. The dozens of others that help make Warthog Racing a reality are all volunteers, including myself and Ted Parks, the highly qualified and newly appointed Race Director.

Run on this model during the entire 2009, The Warthog Racing Academy won the 2009 MX SPORT/AMA TEAM OF THE YEAR AWARD, an award that is typically given to only factory and factory satellite team. It was quite an honor for our team to receive this award, as we will strive to do the same in 2010.

If you like to find out more about my background and my passion to support the noble privateer racers, please visit my public LinkedIn.com profile at:


Our mission is to help deserving privateer racers live their dreams. We’ve been living this vision since 2003. One of our programs – The Warthog Racing Academy — provides the riders motorcycle transportation, pit set-up, mechanics, gas, food, water, hospitality, and rider marketing and promotion, as well as the opportunity for riders to “graduate” to better resources teams at any time during the season. The individual riders are responsible for their own motorcycles, race entry fees, and travel expenses.

The economic turbulence of 2009 has not been kind to our industry, many of our riders, and our team. Although we have worked so very hard throughout this season to line up the sponsors and benefactors, to date we have come up short of our financial goals to run our programs at an acceptable level. But Warthog Racing has never given up and we won’t now. Our kids need us (and you) more than ever.

Like the team and many of our riders, those with the greatest potential to transform their talent into achievement, are short of the money and resources needed to make it through the season. These are excellent riders like Jesse Casillas, Adam Chatfield, Teddy Parks, Cody Gilmore (who recently came back to the sport after fighting spinal cancer for several years), Jeff Loop (at 6’8”, he is the tallest professional racer ever) , Preston Mull (who just recently was named his high school’s valedictorian), and Josh Clark, the relatively unknown wunderkind from the North East plus a host of others. In all, we will support over 20 riders combined in the West and East divisions of the 2010 AMA Supercross Series in addition to the 15 riders we will support in the 2010 Outdoor National Series. These riders do not deserve to sit on the sidelines this year – working together, we will find a way to help them succeed and live their dreams.

This is where you as an individual or representative of a company can come in to save the day. You or your company can be the either the personal TITLE sponsor of one of these riders in The Warthog Racing Academy or as a company, the TITLE sponsor of the team itself. The team still has its TITLE Sponsor position open as well as sponsorship spots at every level. If the season were to start today, it would be totally funded by two huge corporations, American Express and Visa; unfortunately, I would once again be the personal underwriter, as I was for most of the 2009 season. As for of the individual riders, contributions ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the careers of these riders. At the end of the day, any kind of support for these riders will help. As personal TITLE sponsor, you will have large co-TITLE sponsor decals on the rider’s race motorcycles and the race uniforms. We will also provide VIP tickets and treatment to you and a guest at two Supercross events during the 2010 Supercross season (www.SupercrossOnline.com). In a nutshell, you can be your own race team manager for the rider of your choice.

As you will see, we have a great set of programs planned but without your support, these plans and their incredibly positive impact will not be fully realized. I personally have given everything I have – wealth, health, and family – in pursuit of the dream of “making the sport better, forever, and for everyone in it” and as failure is never an option, we must all redouble are effort.

Please let me know your thoughts at your earliest convenience as the season starts Jan 9th, 2010. I will provide you a lot more detail about our programs if you would like to get more involved. Let’s allow these kids to be focused on their racing so they can continue to do amazing things. You can contact me anytime, as this is a 24/7 organization and right now no stone will be left unturned in our quest to help these kids live their dreams!!!

Kind Regards,
Scott Kandel
Chief Altruistic Officer
Warthog Racing
213 268-2659
845 591-8795