2014 NCVHSA Race in Chester, SC

“You meet the nicest people on a Honda” kept rolling through my mind as I walked through the pit area. Admiring, one after another, motorcycles that would be more likely nestled gently in someone’s private collection or on display in a museum than on a stand waiting to be ridden. Running over and over in my head was the famous ad slogan created by Grey Advertising in 1962 for the Honda C-50 ad that was to run during the 1963 Academy awards TV broadcast was peppered by the title track from On Any Sunday.Ba da ba da da da da da da da da. All the time this loop was running, I wanted to add a few manufacturers to the list. Names that have not mentioned on these pages, ever, names like Sachs, Ossa, Can Am, Hercules, BSA, Rokon, and Hodaka


Typically when Off-Road motorcyclists turn up at a race they keep to themselves or their “group”. We tend to get very serious when it comes to racing. While the same could be said about any vintage event, the keeping to themselves bit has to be left out. To start with, most of the participants in a vintage event are well beyond the ego years so it’s not about how cool they look or act. And generally speaking, these guys are happy to still be above ground, let alone, out in the woods on single track, dicing it up fiercely on their trusty steed. All the smiling faces belie what is to come when the green flag drops. These guys are not here to ride parade laps as a quaint addition to a pro event, they are here to race, they are the main event.


If you haven’t taken the time to watch a Hare Scramble, it’s worth making the time. No other motorcycle race will allow you the same level of intimacy. You can get so close to the racers, you can hear them breath. It’s no different with the vintage race except the guy riding the bike might well be someones Great Grandpa!

Jim Foster was kind enough to pull this beautiful specimen out of his trailer for me to oggle over. It’s a 67-ish Triumph T20 Scrambler

Chad Bebout doing a last minute oil change on his $22.00 investment, 1960-something BSA before rolling to the start line. The bike looks pretty rough and sounds worse! But it’s amazing how fast he had it going.

In the 70+ class and going strong! We love it!

Here’s the closest Honda commercial we could find to the one from 1963

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