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We also wanted to ride some fun tight trails so we chose TNT in South Carolina. The lower track was the perfect choice, it is tight with good sized jumps that have enough room after the turns to allow a 125 to build enough speed to clear them. TNT also has a fantastic trail system that would enable us to appreciate the light weight of our project KX. Riding through whoops and leaping small rhythm sections was a blast on the 125 that could! Riding 450 four strokes is fantastic for power but the 125 was so nimble. It felt as if I was riding a BMX bike with a motor. Needless to say the fun factor was very high! After several laps on the MX track it was time to hit the trails. Tight single-track has always been one of my favorite things to ride and the rutted switchbacks really brought out the little KX’s strengths, super light weight and smooth, moderate power delivery.

A 125 really is an excellent way to fine tune your skills as a rider. It forces you to rely on your technique and finesse rather than relying on brute power. Riding on the track also brought out the little KX’s weak point, the suspension. We set all of the adjusters at the middle and worked from there. The spring rates are very soft for my 180 lbs. and the rear shock, being over ten years old, could use a service. We settled on the mid for compression/ rebound on the fork and mid for compression at the rear with 8 clicks out on rebound.

For a new rider, one just getting into the sport of dirt riding, the KX is an excellent choice. While the technology may not be state-of-the-art, it was very competent 10 years ago and I doubt a new rider to the sport would be able to notice the difference between a brand new bike and this one. He/she would surely feel the difference to their bank account though. Plus they have the added benefit that they can learn to ride this bike closer to its capabilities far more easily than they would be able to a newer, faster, more powerful current bike. Now that you have all this stuff to go riding, you probably want to find out where to ride.