Interview of the Week – Austin Prescott of Team Hostility

Interview by Annie Connolly
Photos: Bryant Lambert and Todd Stewart
Following the last weekend of the 2010 SX season, we sat down with a few friends of ours to see what they had to say about it and get their thoughts on heading outdoors. Austin Prescott of Team Hostility was one of them…

So let’s start out from the beginning here….Give us a little history, Hostility is a brand new team based out of California and in a way it was kind of a last minute thing… Wasn’t the team put together in a ridiculously short amount of time, 45 days or something?
While growing up racing, Hostility was a clothing sponsor of mine. At the end of November (2009) the owner of the company called and said he wanted to put together a competitive West Coast Lites Supercross team and that he wanted me to be the team manager.

I know you played a pretty instrumental role in the creation of this team – Can you describe your role for us?
I have known the owner of the company for many years. I met him through a mutual friend about 8 years ago. My role on the team was to oversee the entire operation, making sure we had everything we needed to go racing, and be competitive.
Can you tell us a little bit about how it all finally came together? It must have been crazy trying to get everything done all at once, riders, sponsors, bikes…
It was very hectic all through the month of December. We were off to a pretty late start and I knew it would be very challenging to secure riders, sponsors, and bikes. We just kept working, putting in a lot of long days and made it happen.
With such late notice, a lot of guys already had rides lined up, how’d you come up with your two riders (Chris Gosselaar and Eric McCrummen)?
With it being such short notice, I knew that many riders capable of top ten finishes had already signed with teams. After a lot of research and phone calls I announced that the two riders were going to be Chris and Eric. I felt both of them were overlooked and were capable of great results in 2010. Chris was already a proven guy in the sport. He rode for some of the best teams there were and was capable of being on the podium. Eric however, has always been a guy who has flown under the radar. He is one of the most naturally gifted and talented riders that I have ever seen. I was very impressed with him during the 08 and 09 seasons. I felt that if he was on a good program with structure he could do great things.
Everyone must have had to work really hard in order to be ready for A1. Did you guys feel pretty good that you were able to accomplish so much in a such a short amount of time?
A1 was here before we knew it. Of course I wish we could have had a few more weeks to prepare, but I was very confident and proud of how far we came in such a short period of time.
Hostility had some ups and downs this season but overall how do you feel about the 2010 West Coast Lites SX season?
We had many ups and downs. Consistency was our downfall without a doubt. However, for a first year racing effort I was very pleased. Chris had a best finish of 10th in San Diego, and Eric had a season high 11th in his hometown race, San Francisco.
We caught up with you guys out in Vegas last weekend and noticed there was only one bike at the rig… Does that mean there could be a change in your line-up outdoors?
Yes, we only had Chris at Las Vegas . Eric had some personal issues towards the end of the season. That, combined with old injuries flaring up, made us feel that it was best if he went home and took care of himself. I do plan on competing in some of the outdoor national events myself. I’m not sure if it will be on a 250 or 450 yet.
How do you feel heading into Outdoors, everyone healthy and ready to go?
Yes, Chris is healthy and eager to go race nationals. We also brought amateur standout Tommy Weeck, on board. He raced a few supercrosses with us, but we have high hopes for him outdoors. He has a lot of rookie speed and will turn heads if he can keep it all together and stay off the ground. I feel pretty good myself. I feel I am riding as good as I ever have , and am looking forward to the challenge.
You do a lot with managing this team, right? That seems like it would be a lot of work, managing, wrapping up the SX season, all the while trying to get ready to race, too…
It has been very demanding, even a little overwhelming at times, but I’ve always been known as a hard worker, and I am up for the challenges that lie ahead.
At this point what’s your plan for Nationals looking like? Can we expect to see Hostility bikes at all 12?
We would love to be at all 12 rounds but realistically it’s going to be more like 5. We are in a tough economy right now, and it’s taking a toll on race team’s budgets. We’ll just take it race by race and compete at as many nationals as possible.
Thanks for your time, good luck outdoors!
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