DeVol Radiator Guards For Your CRF450

If you are one of those riders who has a tendency to tip over, whether at high speed or low speed, you know the results of even the gentlest bike plant can be messy. You may have perfected the high/low speed get off. But if your pals start calling you MLR (Mary Lou Retton) and bring along score cards to judge  your dismounts, you need some sort of  bike protection.

While it is quite often great fodder for a good be good for a laugh, your bike probably doesn’t bounce back so easily and is likely to get pretty beat up and may be showing the results of your multiple dismounts.

Your radiators are one of the most vulnerable parts on your bike and a damaged radiator can lead to over heating and even more damage to your precious motor. Lucky for you DeVol Racing is at your back. They have been making  protective parts for Dirt Bikes for 30 years, long enough to figure out what works and what doesn’t. DeVol’s Radiator Braces protect delicate radiator fins at the front from flying debris and support them from the back should you tip over. While they can’t protect your radiators from all impacts, they will certainly help in most. We’ve installed a set on a 2009 CRF450 and fitment is flawless, they went on in about 5 minutes with minimal tools.

DeVol Radiators mount to the frame, cradling the radiator.

The brace at the back also mounts to the frame creating a semi-rigid, protective box.

Shrouds mount easily using OEM hardware.

  • Made in the USA
  • High Grade Aluminum Alloy
  • Front and side radiator protection
  • Mounts to frame, not radiator
  • Improved Air-Flow design
  • Overheating not a problem
  • Ultimate lightweight protection
  • MX & Offroad applicable
  • Available for most models
  • Made in the USA
  • High Grade Aluminum Alloy
  • Front & Side radiator protection

Retail: $99.95
For fitment go to