9 Hour-3 Man Team Event – The Off-Road Cup

Acadiana Racing LLC officially announced a new annual team race, The Off-Road Cup, in which the sole purpose will be to determine the best race series in America.  The inaugural 9-hour 3-man team race will take place March 5th, 2011 at Desoto Motorsports Park near Shreveport, LA.  The venue will change from year to year but the main format and general idea of various race series competing against each other will remain the same.

Riders will be greeted with a professionally prepared and marked course, electronic scoring by MotoTally, an official awards ceremony with podium / sponsor banner backdrop, and spectators will enjoy many opportunities to check out the racing action.  Desoto Motorsports Park is home to 2-Time World Motocross Champion Trampas Parker, who will also take part in the event.  A $1,000 purse will be offered, the winning team will be able to keep the perpetual trophy (The Off-Road Cup) for one year, and many other trophies will be awarded.  Classes will be offered for all skill levels; a family class offered, ironman class, ironwoman class, and so on.  All 9 hours of the event will take place during daylight hours and riders will be allowed to ride their own motorcycles (no 4-wheeler classes at this time).

Race series owners and officers are encouraged to coordinate teams to best represent their series and area of the country.  Founder of Acadiana Racing (and the Louisiana Cross-Country Series), Lucas Comeaux explains, “This event should be the ultimate road trip for racers usually competing against each other.  Regardless of what color bikes the riders are on, teaming up for their home series should build pride in their local, regional, or national level race series!”

For more information on this event, sponsorship opportunities, submitting future venue options, and pre-entry instructions go to http://www.acadianaracing.com/Off-RoadCup.htm or call (337) 322-3170.

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