New Roost Guard From EVS

The all-new F1 roost guard is a justifiable, yet simple new addition to the already amazing chest protection family. With stellar roost deflection technology and a fully modular customizable design, personalizing your own fit to suit your exact needs is now easier than ever. Its compact and form fitting design was tailored to fuel your competitive side without sacrificing comfort or protection.

• Lightweight impact resistant injection molded construction
• Compact Form Fit design
• Compatible with all major neck braces
• Adjustable shoulders
• Click-Tec front closure system ensures adjustability and secure fit
• Removable back plate
• Plush biofoam liner
• Multiple vents and air channels offer maximum ventilation
Sizes: Small/Medium, Large/X-Large
Size Weight Height
Small/Medium Under 125 lbs. Under 5’3”
Large/X-Large 125 lbs. + 5’3” +
Colors: Black, White
Price: $75.00 (Small/Medium), $89.00 (Large/X-Large)

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