Shock Doctor’s Eject Helmet Removal System to be Used at MX Sports’ Amateur Motocross Championships at the Loretta Lynn Ranch

Shock Doctor, Inc.’s Eject Helmet Removal System, which provides emergency neck and spine protection after a motosport crash, is now endorsed by MX Sports for improving safety in amateur racing. The Eject System will be used at all regional qualifying and championship events for the AMA Air Nautiques Amateur National Motocross Championships, held at the legendary Loretta Lynn Ranch.

“MX Sports is excited to welcome Shock Doctor and the Eject System to the Loretta Lynn family,” said Tim Cotter, director of MX Sports. “This forward-thinking company will bring new ideas and innovations to our sport that will not only increase the enjoyment of the sport, but above all, the safety of our riders.”

The Eject System uses a tiny plastic bladder and inflation device, and is easily installed in any helmet. When the bladder is inflated and expands inside the helmet, it gradually pushes the helmet off of the racer’s head. This method is safer than the traditional manner of pulling the helmet off, which can increase the possibility of further injury by putting substantial strain on the neck and spine, even when the head and neck are stabilized. The Eject System is currently used by drivers and riders in major racing segments, and is required in the professional Indy Racing League, AMA Pro Motocross and Supercross.

“The Eject Helmet Removal System is a technology advancement that takes safety to the next level in motocross, much like the introduction of neck braces to the sport in recent years,” said Bill Best, vice president of product development for Shock Doctor. “Eject’s a safety innovation that helps EMTs better assist a crash victim and reduces the risk of further neck and spine injuries. It has proven itself at the professional level, and it’s important to provide the same safety benefits to all levels of amateur motocross. MX Sports’ endorsement of Eject use and their extensive regional qualifying program, will introduce Eject to riders and their families throughout the country.”

Attracting more than 25,000 racers from around the globe, the AMA Air Nautiques Amateur National Motocross Championships, produced by MX Sports, is recognized as the biggest amateur national motocross championship in the world.

“MX Sports highly encourages its riders to equip their helmet with Shock Doctor’s unique helmet removal device- the Eject Helmet Removal System,” said Cotter. “The emergency medical teams at all of the Regional’s and the Loretta Lynn National have been briefed and equipped with the Eject inflation devices in the unlikely event that a rider sustains an injury that requires the helmet to be removed, which can be done so with this revolutionary device.”

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