Aprilia Updates SXV 4.5 and 5.5 for 2008

2008 Aprilia SXV


Aprilia’s radical v-twin supermotard bikes, the SXV 4.5 and SXV 5.5, receive some significant updates for 2008. Also available for the new model year is a “VDB Replica” based on the relationship between Aprilia and the multi-time world supermoto champion Thierry Van Den Bosch.

Both the standard machines and the VDB Replica receive switchable engine mappings (for high traction and low traction situations) in addition to other modifications. Here is Aprilia’s description of the VDB Replica.

Developed entirely from the input of Aprilia Racing, the SXV 2008 VDB Replica is the pinnacle of Apriliarquote s competition machines. With no further modifications whatsoever, this motorcycle is able to compete in and dominate any competition in the world. The SXV 2008 VDB Replica is the first step in the evolution of the machine that Aprilia will be entering in the 2008 Supermotard World Championship.

The 2008 VDB Replica differs from the standard 2008 SXV in a number of important technical details that make this already highly competitive machine even faster on the track. The 77’b0 V twin engine, available in 450 and 550 cc versions, is substantially similar to the standard power plant but features modifications to a number of fundamental transmission parts. The multi-plate wet clutch incorporates a sophisticated slipper device to make handling smoother and more efficient on entry into bends, and the gearbox features new ratios plus a brand new electronic control unit linked to the ignition system, allowing the rider to avoid using the clutch when shifting from one gear to another, resulting in faster gearshifts and less weight transfer under at-the-limit riding conditions.

Just like the standard 2008 SXV, the new VDB Replica offers two different engine mappings that can even be switched during the course of a race simply by pressing a switch on the handlebars. This unique feature lets you adapt the enginerquote s power delivery to changing track conditions and levels of tyre wear.

The chassis too incorporates various improvements. The frame is lighter still, thanks to design changes mainly involving the die cast aluminium side members, and the swingarm is shorter and lighter than on the standard SXV. At the front, a mighty, 50 mm fork with three different offset settings is bolted to two aluminium yokes machine from a single billet. The brakes are completely different too. The combination of a Brembo single piece radial front caliper and a 320 mm wave disc represent the state of the art for this type of machine.

Among the other elements that make the SXV VDB Replica unique are its Alpina 16.5rdblquote front and 17rdblquote rear wheels with hubs machined from single billets, carbon fibre fuel tank, stepped seat to prevent the rider sliding back under acceleration, Arrow under-seat exhaust and super-lightweight titanium fasteners. linelinei Colours, specifications and technical data may be subject to change without prior notice.

2008 Aprilia VDB Replica