Future rules for Motocross

A meeting of the Motocross Grand Prix Permanent Bureau was held on December 1st in Monaco in order to discuss future rules for Motocross and SuperMoto. The following decisions were taken by the Permanent Bureau: 1) Mr Ippolito underlined the FIM program “significant noise reduction” in Motocross and SuperMoto, which has the full support of (grand prix rights holders) Youthstream. A “dynamic noise test” should be introduced in MX1/2, MXoN and S1/2, SMoN as of 1.1.2009. The Technical Panel will make field tests as of the beginning of the 2008 season in order to work on the regulations for 2009.

2) Motocross Classes: as of 2010, single cylinder engines will be used in MX1 and MX2 and multi-cylinder in MX3, whether 2 or 4-stroke (open concept). The cubic capacity will be 250cc in MX2, and up to 650cc in MX3. Discussions are currently being held about the cubic capacity in MX1. A decision should be taken in the next three months.

Concerning the MX2 class, a maximum age limit of 23 years will be introduced. Moreover, a world champion will be allowed to defend his title only one time (in the following year).

3) The FIM Junior World Championship will have an additional class as of 1.1.2010: 65cc. All the classes (65cc, 85cc, 125cc) will be exclusively two-stroke.

4) The motorcycle minimum weights will also be reviewed by the FIM Technical Panel.

5) The FIM President asked to study the problem of electronic sophisticated technology (such as traction control, etc) in Motocross and SuperMoto. Riders should be able to show their riding skills and talent without costly technical means.