Sunstar Forms Race Support Partnership with DNA Shred Stix / Star Racing / Yamaha for 2010

Sunstar is proud to announce the partnership recently developed with the DNA Shred Stix / Star Racing / Yamaha program for 2010 and possibly beyond. This Yamaha Lites program will consist of 4 250f riders including Nico Izzi, Martin Davalos, Max Anstie and a member of their 2009 team Broc Tickle. It is yet to be determined which coast each rider will ride on for 2010 but 2 will be on the east and 2 on the west with all 4 racers competing in the MX Outdoor Lites series in the summer of 2010. Former racer and current team coordinator Donovan Mitchell is very excited for the upcoming season and had this to say, “this is the best combination of riders that the Star Yamaha program has had to date and we look forward to a great 2010 season with guys competing for championships while having one of the most well known, recognizable sponsors in the industry with Sunstar sprockets.”

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