New Product from Works Connection – Fork Bleeder Valves

Do you ever get tired of having to dig out a screwdriver every time you want to release the air that accumulates in your forks while riding? We sure do. Plus there is the lost oil that spooges out every time and the fear of getting dirt onto the tiny screw if you happen loosen it too much and let it fall into the dirt. Check these super cool, push button fork bleeders from Works Connection. We love them and feel no bike is complete without them!


  • EZ push-button operation eliminates harsh, built up air pressure instantly
  • Relieving air pressure allows your suspension to operate as designed
  • Compatible with Kayaba and Showa upside-down forks equipped with stock bleeders screws
  • Simple installation replaces OE bleeder screws in minutes
  • Two bleeder valves with adapters included in set

Retail: $24.95

Get yours at: