Marc Ristori – Showing Another Way to be a Champion


Author: Daniele Rizzi

Most of the times that people think of Champions, they think about a super person who can “win” in life. Someone whom you do not see passing by the street, someone who is there while you are miles away from them and you will probably never get there.

I am too involved in sports, especially in Motocross, not to make a comparison with it. The Champion is the rider who ends on the final podium, there can be only one and the selection is tough. Of course when someone becomes a Champ they definitely deserve their title, but this does not mean the other riders are not worth the fight.

Everyone there has given it all to the sport with the goal of becoming a Champ but recently there has been one rider who has given the sport more than all.

That is Marc Ristori, who has paid an unexpected prize to racing the last November, the 30th, in Geneva, Switzerland, during an Indoor Supercross event. Marc crashed and damaged his seventh vertebra, putting a tragic end to both his career and his “normal life” all of a sudden.

Since then, Marc has moved to a different stage of consciousness and of course to a different life, most of which is now spent in the rehabilitation centre of Nottwil, in Switzerland.

The 26 year old Swiss has now given up the sport but he has not given up in life, as he is learning again almost all a person needs to survive. He has got and wants to live but there is a different way to do it now.

The sport has taken all that Marc had but he is not dried up, there is so much energy in what he is doing.

He is coming up after he had touched the real bottom.

Marc has often fought for victories, especially in the MX3 World Championship where he won rounds but never World Titles. He is still fighting but for another victory, a one that will still make him a Champion.

No one would like to get “there” where Marc is at or is going to, that is not the same “there” where the people we consider Champions are, but this process is the same as the one leading you to the “win”.

Life has tested and is currently testing Marc, who has become a Champion just because of how is facing the test. He will never get there where the celebrations are, he will get somewhere else but it does not matter.

I think a Champion is not someone who is there while you are miles away from them and you will probably never get there.

I think a Champion is an attitude, some way of living, some way of reacting to things, some way of looking at things that is inside the people. This attitude can come out in many ways, or it can never come out at all.

Marc has found it, let us see where he will get. I am confident he will be there.