RACE TECH’s Motorcycle Suspension Bible & Seminars

Race Tech’s Motorcycle Suspension Bible provides a clear understanding of the most misunderstood aspect of motorcycle performance suspension. It includes a study of the three forces of suspension, testing procedure, and the black-art of chassis geometry. It provides step-by-step photos of suspension dis-assembly and assembly as well as detailed troubleshooting guides for a solution to virtually any handling problem. $34.99

May 2010 Seminars: There is still time to attend the Seminars this weekend and next week. Check your options for travel plans and come out for your personal training. I promise it will benefit your understanding beyond the words in the book! Applied instructions and plenty of time to ask questions.


Subjects covered:
+ Suspension Theory + Shock and Fork Gold Valve Theory
+ Suspension Tuning + Shock and Fork Gold Valve Installation
+ Springs and Spring Theory + Gold Valve Cartridge Emulator Theory
+ Spring Testing + Emulator Installation
+ Suspension Fluids + Testing and Trouble Shooting
+ Hydraulics + Disassembly and Assembly
+ Damping and Damping Curves + Shock Dyno Overview
+ Valving Systems and Theory + Leverage Ratio Curves
+ ShockClock Data Acquisition + Rear Wheel Force Curves

Suspension Theory Class: In the Theory Class we not only cover suspension theory but also tuning, testing, valving and troubleshooting. You will learn and understand how suspension really works!
May 1 & 2, 2010 – Tuition: $599

Shop Skills Class: The Shop Skills Seminar covers how to properly service shocks and forks including the latest techniques of suspension disassembly, assembly, setup and valving.
May 3 & 4, 2010 – Tuition: $549

Advanced Class: We will continue where we left off in the Basic with more practical and advanced applications of suspension theory. Leverage Ratio Curves, ShockClock Data Acquisition, Valving theories and much more! Most students take all three classes.
May 6 & 7, 2010 – Tuition: $549

No matter how much you already know I promise you will be impressed with what you learn – and we’ll have some fun in the process. To find out more, or to enroll, please call one of my Sales Reps at 951.279.6655 or visit racetech.com.