Interview With Michael Nasakaitis of Team Nitro Circus/Suzuki City by Annie Connolly

Following the last weekend of the 2010 SX season, we sat down with a few people to see what they had to say about it and get their thoughts on heading outdoors. Michael Nasakaitis, team manager of Team Nitro Circus/Suzuki City was one of them…

Hey Mike, so 2010 SX season just wrapped up this past weekend but we didn’t see you guys out at Vegas… Everyone healthy? Getting ready for outdoors?
Yeah, we decided to skip the East West shootout to focus on the outdoors. We ended SX with a few small injuries and just thought that a little time to heal was more important before we start the new series.

This season appeared to start out with some ups and downs but seemed to finish on a better note with both riders finishing in top ten spots (8th for Matt Lemoine and Steven Clarke finishing 9th) at St. Louis…How do you feel about this past SX season?
We had some bad luck this season. I believe the guys were riding better than ever, just small mistakes or being in the wrong place at the wrong time really kept us from placing where we should have. But that is racing!

And what are your thoughts on the team going into Outdoors?
Honestly, if the guys can continue on the pace that they finished up in SX, I believe we will see some great results.

Will you’ll be keeping the same line-up? We heard someone might be on a different bike…
We are adding Sherri Cruise to compete in the women’s class. Also we are moving Scuba (Clarke) to a 450. I have been impressed with how he goes on it.

How are things looking with that, has it been a comfortable transition for him? Is the speed there?
His endurance has been there, that is one thing I have been impressed with over the last few months. Last year we seemed to struggle later in the motos, this year he has really stepped up his program in that department. In the speed area, he has that, no question.

As of right now what’s your schedule looking like, will the team be racing all of the Nationals?
For sure, we will be at all of them.

Any race you’re looking forward to in particular?
All of them, if I had to pick any, probably Red Bud and Southwick.

We also heard you might have some room on the truck for extra bikes this summer, did you want to mention anything about that?
We have a little room in the semi and decided to help some privateers. $150 per bike per race.

And lastly, are you planning on visiting any Jack In The Boxes while you’re on the road this summer? Maybe a future sponsorship opportunity…? (Ok, ok, inside joke!)
Haha, I actually placed my order for Hangtown this morning so it would be ready in time!

Thanks for your time Mike, we wish you and the team good luck outdoors!!
Thanks Annie!