Benjamin Segal – EDM Editor in Chief


6-21-1968 in PA, moved to Orange County, CA when I was 6 weeks old.

Moved around a bunch and wound up in Manhattan Beach at age 5. Grew up on the beaches in Southern California.

Started surfing at 7, surfed two times a day until 21.

Started riding at 16

First bike:
1968 Vespa Scooter

Education/ Work:
Studied Photography at SMC in LA.

Shot Commercial fashion catalogs out of Miami for 15 years.

Started riding: My riding started on the street, riding an old Vespa scooter. I started riding Off-Road at 24 on a pal’s 1986 CR250

Who got you into riding?
Eric Mattson

Do you ride street bikes also?
Yes, I used to do a lot of sport bike riding when I lived in California. And now I do again. North Carolina has some of the best road riding I have ever experienced. I have a 2007 DUCATI 1098 Tricolore and a 1996 KAWASAKI Vulcan 1500

Current Bike:
2008 Yamaha YZ250F

Favorite bike:
My second dirt bike was a 1987 Honda XR600 which I still have, I have some really fond memories of rides on it. So I think it wins as the favorite. As far as current bikes go my fav is the bike I ride most, a Yamaha YZ250F.

Working on bikes, riding, wake boarding. I’d still surf if I lived close enough to the ocean.