Motion Pro Nevada 200 Trail Ride

The Motion Pro Nevada 200 Trail Ride in Caliente, Nevada is an outstanding dirt bike motorcycle, non-competition event that takes place in the mountains and high deserts of Central Nevada. The event started in 1985 as an invitation only event hosted by Casey Folks and Scott Harden. The ride was originally devised simply as an excuse for the two racers and friends to meet and ride, as their busy schedules, commitments, and distance made it difficult to get together and enjoy trail riding the way it used to be while growing up in Las Vegas, NV.

The remote eastern Nevada community of Caliente, Nevada was selected as base camp. Over the course of the three day event, riders experience every type of terrain imaginable. The area around Caliente provides a very unique combination of high desert and mountain terrain that is perfectly suited to the tight, technical nature of the riding that Folks and Harden like to do. The trail ride climbs from the desert floor of long sand washes and fast single track into the snow-capped mountaintops where riders are greeted with extremely picturesque views. The weather can be quite diverse, ranging from perfect warm spring temps to snow and from dry conditions to mud with water crossings thrown in. This part of Nevada is truly the old west and it is very common to encounter many wild animals, including big horn sheep, wild mustangs, mountain lions, deer, elk, live stock such as cattle and a variety of predatory birds.

In the early days invitations were circulated by word of mouth to a small number of close riding friends and buddies. Over the years the reputation of the Nevada 200 grew to the point where by the mid-90s a rider limit was set at 200 of our closest friends and associates. In its twenty plus year history the Nevada 200 has provided a huge economic influx into the community of Caliente. The local VFW post, motels, gas stations and restaurants recognize it has one of the premier cash generating events of the year. To date the Nevada 200 has donated over $40,000 to the local schools, sports and recreation projects and to the city of Caliente. The boost to the local economy and the public relations effort the Nevada 200 sheds a favorable light on all motorcycling and in particular off-road motorcycle enthusiasts.

While the trail choices range from easy to extremely difficult, the experience serves as an outstanding experience that is incredibly beautiful and rewarding. The most important part of the Motion Pro Nevada 200 is that it is a hellluva lot of fun in an old school non-corporate environment. The tremendous camaraderie and relationships that surround the event are as much a part of lore as the ride itself. Oh and the awards ceremony hosted by tricky dick (WD) Casey Folks is as good as anything on the strip in Las Vegas.

Sponsors for this premier event are the good folks at Motion Pro as the title sponsor, as well as KTM North America, Red Bull, Best in the Desert and Harden-Offroad. The Motion Pro Nevada 200 has been covered by every major off-road publication and has been rated as one of the best trail rides in America for 15 years running. An invitation for this prestigious event is highly sought after and next year will mark the 25th anniversary for both the Nevada 200 and Motion Pro, so start working your angles now to get in, it’s going to be big!