Snap-On – Tap and Die Set

Whether you are cleaning threads on parts or on your frame bolts you want a tap and die set you can count on. This 41 piece set includes taps and dies from 3 to 12mm, a BSP tap and die, two die stocks, three tap wrenches, a metric thread pitch gauge, and a die adjusting screwdriver.

An important feature of the dies in these sets (except GAM541 and GAM540) is a small adjusting screw which changes the nominal size .003″ under or over to give a tight or loose fit to your thread. Die size 1/4″ to 1/2″ and 7 mm to 12 mm are a one-piece, 12-point design that can be turned with a 1″ socket wrench (5/8″ socket wrench for 3 to 6 mm dies) when working in places where a normal die stock cannot be used. The three largest die stocks (TD10A, TD35, and TD40) are self-centering and adjust to the diameter of the bolt. U.S. Fed. Spec. GGG-T-60 applies to taps; GGG-D-296B applies to dies.

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Retails: $189.95