Monday Through Friday – Interview with Privateer Aden de Jager

By Annie Connolly

Monday – Friday with …

In this interview we catch up with riders to see what they do during the week when they’re not at the races.  This week’s rider is Privateer Aden de Jager, let’s see what he had to say…

Your typical regimen between races?

A lot of training and working on stuff from the weekend that I feel I could improve. And then I have some down time too.

Where do you live?

I currently live in Liberty, SC.

Where do you ride?

I ride here at the house or at some local track like 101 and some private tracks like Danny Smith’s place and Jiffies.

Who do you ride with?

Generally myself but always like to ride with other fast riders it doesn’t bother me at all.

Daily routine?

Wake up…Then? Rub my eyes then hop into the shower and eat breakfast, I have to have my breakfast. Then I go on about my day.

What do you do on a day off?

On a day off I love to play golf or see if I can go swimming somewhere. Don’t get too many days off as a privateer though. Usually days off are spent working on bikes or driving haha.

Favorite thing to do besides ride?

Golf and Snowboard you know I have landed a backflip before – look it up I got it on video on youtube.

Who do you hang out with?

I got some good friends here in SC. Matt, Jake, D-Roy, Jamie, Jared, Jeff and some other friends that I hang out with. Everyone is really friendly here in the South.

What’s on your playlist?

Right now I’m going through this hip hop phase so I got some Ludacris, Atmosphere, Kid Cudi and some old school 2pac and Busta Rhymes.

Guilty pleasure?

I got this from Derek but I love Cheesecake and caramel slice its an Aussie thing.

Pet peeve?

Not too much bothers me, except traffic. Coming from Australia and where I live a 10 min traffic jam is the end of the world, so driving around LA and then getting stuck on the I-405 I want to rip my hair out.

Favorite food?

I love Oxtail stew, seriously such a good tasting meat, and kangaroo. Yes, in Australia we can eat a kangaroo.

Favorite drink?

Water is good for me but I do love after a really hard day’s training just a little fizzy drink like a can of sprite.

What do you watch on TV?

Don’t really watch much TV, you can’t go past Nitro Circus and Fantasy Factory I’m also old school – love the Simpsons.

What other sports do you watch?

I follow a lot of cricket, and rugby back home in Australia. But I am really getting into the American football thing especially the college games. I don’t live far from Clemson University and the whole town is all about the Football.

Favorite video game?

I have not played my video game in at least 4 years, but I have tried MX vs ATV the new one and I suck at it, but I do remember the first one I was good at it so definitely like MX unleashed old school.