AMA Rule Change: 250 Four-Strokes and 250 Two-Stroke to be combined

The AMA Congress has eliminated handicapping for the previous 125cc/250F (Lites) classes. For 2008, all Lites machines will have a 250cc and under displacement–regardless of engine type (two-stroke or four-stroke). In addition, the previous 250 two-stroke/450 four-stroke class is now open to four-stroke and two-stroke engines from 122cc-Open cc. At the moment these rules apply to Amateur racing, not pro racing. These rules will be in effect at the 2008 Loretta Lynn race. These rule changes might kill the 125 two-stroke (although opening the door for big-bore 125s in the Modified clases), but it could save the 250cc two-stroke from extinction. The rule changes are design to lower the cost of racing, equalize the classes and keep the two-stroke viable as a start-up machine. All good causes.
The Honda CRF150 is only eligible in SuperMini and Schoolboy classes.
There will be an 85cc class for nine year olds: Class 24 85cc (9-11) stock and Class 25 85cc (9-11) modified.
The 14-15 85cc classes have been formulated into two Supermini classes to better suit the older, larger mini cycle riders and to provide a better stepping stone into the larger sized machines: Class 28 “Supermini 1” (12-15) and Class 29 “Supermini 2” (14-16)
A and A/Pro Sport riders are no longer permitted to participate in the Schoolboy classes: Class 30 “Schoolboy 1” (12-16) B/C: 86-125cc 2-stroke/75-150cc 4-stroke and Class 31 “Schoolboy 2” (14-16) B/C: 100-144cc 2-stroke/126-250cc 4-stroke
All former AMA Lites (125/250F) Classes (A, Pro Sport, B, C)…122cc to 250cc
122-250cc two-or four-strokes.
All AMA Motocross (250/450) Classes (A, Pro Sport, B & C)…122cc to Open cc two-or four-strokes.
AMA Four Stroke Class…201cc to 650cc Four-Stroke
All AMA Vet Classes (+25, +30, +35, +40 and +45)…122cc to Open cc two-or four-strokes.