ARAI Introduces New “OSBORNE” Graphic for 2009 VX-PRO3 Off-Road Helmet

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Arai Helmets has added a new graphic design called the “Osborne” to its VX-Pro3 dirt helmet line for 2009. The American-themed red-white-blue design is the first of Arai’s new ’09 mid-year graphic releases.

The VX-PRO3 was introduced to unprecedented rave reviews from the entire off-road publishing world, some even calling it “the best helmet ever tested.”

Although now copied, the Pro3 introduced yet another Arai innovation: the Emergency-Release Cheek Pad system created to allow easier access to an injured rider. The Pro3’s cheek pads slide out easily with the use of integrated, easily-accessible pull-tabs, which makes removing the helmet much easier for trained medical technicians.

Such concepts have always been one of Arai’s “greatest sources of pride,” according to a spokesman. “For generations, Arai has fostered helmet improvements that aid in our primary mission of first protecting the rider. We’ve never been a company that favors ‘flash and fashion’ over function, which is why Arai designs tend to be more evolutionary than revolutionary.” Another example of this Arai philosophy evident in the Pro3 is its unique rounded chinbar shape with less forward protrusion. The design intent of Arai’s rounded shape is that it’s less likely to catch and snag a crashing rider than longer, more pointed chinbars.

Arai’s VX-PRO3 comes in sizes XS to XXL, at suggested retails from $529.95 for solids, and $659.95 for Replicas like the new Osborne.

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