Aro Second in Round Four of E3 World Championships

Samuli Aro continued his run of success in the E3 big bike category in the Enduro World Championship series on Sunday with a second place to follow on from his victory in Portugal the previous day. Aro and KTM Enduro Factory Team teammate Marko Tarkkala, both from Finland, have had a stranglehold on the four races so far held this season in what is a hotly contested racing category. Although all was not pain sailing for Tarkkala in the second race in Vale de Cambra, Portugal, south of the city of Porto, he still managed to finish fifth for valuable world championship points. KTM supported rider Marcus Kehr of Germany had a good day on his KTM and finished third on the podium.

Riders had a very tough day in the mud and what was often torrential rain but team boss Fabio Farioli still drew a positive line under the factory team’s results for the weekend. The 60 km course, which riders had to circle three times, offered very big challenges and levels of difficulty even for these extreme and highly skilled professionals. The Enduro competition now departs for the second two races on the Iberian Peninsular in Spain. The area is familiar to the KTM riders, many of whom train there during the off-season.

Results Round Three E 3
1. Christophe Nambotin, France, Gas-Gas
2. Samuli Aro, Finland, KTM
3. Markus Kehr, Germany, KTM
4. Stefan Merriman, New Zealand, Aprilia
5. Marko Tarkkala, Finland, KTM