As the Gear Turns – Video Review

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Director Cuyler Ruskin and Wiley Watson take you on a very personal journey into the life of 2007 ISDE & WORCS Champion Kurt Caselli. Spend 35 minutes with Caselli while he talks about about his father, the people who influence him and what he enjoys about riding. As the Gears Turn is packed with footage of Caselli riding with his buddies Tim Weigand and Daryl Eckland at various places including 395 MX, Kyle Redmunds Endurocross track and some wicked trails near his home in Palmdale, CA.
The tempo and great footage of this film keeps your attention for the duration. When it’s over you will be pumped to get on your bike and hit a turn track to work on your cornering skills… Caselli brings his to this film. You’ll watch him at close range practically dragging his grips in turns and whipping over step ups in a way you would never have imagined from an off road racer. You might just come away with a new respect for the for the guys who race ISDE, WORCS and GNCC… We did.
As the Gears Turn includes a segment of Caselli, Weigand, Eckland and Robby bell challenging each other to silly feats – a no footer over a pretty big step up, wheelie 10 ft with feet over the bar and some excellent goon riding. It’s good to see pros keeping things fresh. In the end As the Gears Turn is a pleasant romp with one of the best riders in the off road world. We only wish it was a little longer than 35 minutes.
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