AXO A2 Boot Review


When shopping for protective riding gear the first and most obvious item to buy is a helmet, next on the list, for us, is boots. A good set of boots not only offers you protection from rocks and debris, they also prevent your ankles and shins from being injured by twisting or simply banging into the frame of your bike or foot rests. We have tested several brands of boots through the years and few have offered the level of comfort and connection to the bike that the new AXO A2’s provide. From the moment you slide your foot into one you know they are going to be comfortable all day. The interior of the A2 envelopes you in plushness, from the bottom and sides of your foot, around your ankle then up to your upper calf, gently but firmly holding your lower leg securely in place. What is most amazing is, after a full day of riding in brand new boots they are still just as cozy as they were when first stepped into them. Did we mention how comfortable they are?

The new buckle design makes closing the A2 a snap.

With the AXO A2 it’s all about the details…

The cast metal kick plate on the toe is a nice touch.

According to AXO marketing material, the A2 is designed to be used for SX and MX use but don’t let that stop you from buying a set for trail riding. SX and MX riding is extremely hard on boots which makes them a perfect choice for the rigors of off-road riding.

What we love:

  • The tradition sole design. That little edge of sole on the inside of the boot can mean the difference between up-shifting and missing a shift.
  • Buckle are super easy to adjust and engage.
  • Wicked comfortable liner.
  • No inner bootie.
  • Replacement parts available at AXO website.

Features and benefits

  • New reinforced nylon anti-torsion brace designed with a hinge system.
  • Traditional easy-to-replace sole.
  • AXO engineered aluminum buckles for an enhanced lock/unlock operation.
  • Adjustable buckle base positioning.
  • 3D shaped mesh lining.

Suggested Retail: $475
Available Colors:
Black, White
Go to to get yours