Blazusiak Wins Las Vegas EnduroCross

Red Bull KTM’s Taddy Blazusiak won the first round of the EnduroCross Series at the season opener at the Orleans Arena.

Although Blazusiak turned the fastest lap in practice, it was not as easy for him to win the first race of the season. Blazusiak was holding second in his heat race when he encountered a bike problem that hindered him from finishing in the top two to qualify into the main. He was then sent to the semi.

In his semi, Blazusiak ran into another problem when he crashed in the first turn and had to work his way up from dead last into second. Once he got into second he tried to make a pass for the lead on fellow KTM rider Kyle Redmond, but his passing attempt ended with both riders tangled on the ground. Blazusiak recovered to finish second but he needed the win to qualify. Therefore, he was off to race the LCQ.

Blazusiak led the LCQ from start to finish and finally qualified into the main event. His win in the LCQ gave him last gate pick for the main event. From his last pick gate position he was able to salvage a fourth place start. By the end of lap one he moved into third and on the second lap he began to battle with Geoff Aaron on the Christini KTM for the lead. The two battled back and forth before Blazusiak eventually made the pass stick to take home the win at the first round of the season.
Overall Results
1. Taddy Blazusiak – KTM
2. Geoff Aaron – Christini KTM
3. Ricky Dietrich

Taddy Blazusiak: “It’s great to have won, but man that was a tough night of racing. I can’t believe how many laps I had to ride – it feels like I didn’t stop riding all night. And I can’t remember the last time I had such an eventful race.

“I got the result I wanted eventually but at one stage I honestly didn’t think I was even going to get into the main event, let alone win it. It started with some suspension problems in practice and my heat race. That, added to the fact that I smashed my balls so hard I couldn’t breath properly all night, meant that I ended up in one of the semis, which didn’t go well. I got hit by someone in one of the corners and was last, then had to overtake everyone, only to then get tangled up with the leader and have his bars get stuck in my rear wheel.

“I was really starting to feel the pressure in the LCQ – I honestly thought that I might not make the final. My balls were hurting so much, I was tired, and I couldn’t ride properly. But I made it into the final, which was a huge relief.

“With the final taking place just two minutes after the LCQ, and with the LCQ having taken place just a few minutes after my semi, I was finished. I was so tired and had the last pick of the start so I just decided to let the other riders go and see what happened. I somehow got into third quite quickly, then into second, and then I was really struggling for energy. I got into the lead but had to slow down. Then I got stuck in the rocks, which I couldn’t believe. I managed to get back into the lead and win the race quite comfortably but I don’t think I could have done one lap more.

“I’m hoping I’ve had all my bad luck for the championship in one race. If the rest of the races are going to be a tough as this first event then it’s going to be one hell of a difficult championship.”