Breugelmans clinches MX3 World Championship title in Germany

KTM rider Sven Breugelmans of the JMRacing Team may not have gained any points in the second of two motos at the final GP of the season in Germany but he still had enough points to seal the title. Breugelmans actually settled the title in the opening moto on what was one of the longest tracks on the season with few opportunities to overtake. Then in the inspection lap of the second moto his bike experienced some technical difficulties and he was unable to start. “The engine of my bike stopped, I do not know why. I couldn’t go on to start the race. I was lucky that it happened before the second race when I was already the champion.” It is Breugelmans second career MX3 title.

The Belgian rider was modest in victory admitting he had not had a trouble-free season. “This season I made lot of mistakes but at the end I was riding well. I managed to get some top results and now I won the championship so it is perfect.” With Breugelmans results plus the title in the EMX his KTM JMRacing Team was the most successful of the season.

It was Breugelmans JMRacing’s KTM team-mate Alvaro Lozano who emerged more successful on the final race day of the season. He finished second in both motos for 44 points and second overall behind Christophe Martin and was fifth in the championship. A solid result on the last day was good for Lozano who had a mid season setback with injury. “I am very happy that I got the podium also in the last event. The race track was difficult, hard and fast and it was difficult to pass the riders in front of me. “

KTM’s European champion Valentin Teillet goes out on a high in Germany

Already confirmed as the season leader, KTM rider Valentin Teillet of France gave the JM Racing team more reason to celebrate with yet another clean sweep of the final two motos. Teillet showed that even though he was in Jauer with the gold number plate he was ready to show the spectators how he had won it. The 18-year old was confident and competent and he did not disappoint his followers in the event that wrapped up his first season in EMX2.

“It wasn’t easy for me at the beginning because I didn’t know what to expect. I worked hard during the winter but I wasn’t sure how well I had prepared because I didn’t know the other riders. But at the first event I could see I was going in the right direction and I was satisfied with my preparations. I’m very glad I had the opportunity to be in the Jacky Martens Team. It was my first experience to work with the team and also the first time that I had my own mechanic.” He said he had gained a lot of useful experience during the season. “I had the best team in the EMX2 European Championship. Our Team Manager Jacky Martens has really had a lot of experience and he shared it with us.”