Budds Creek Race Report

Words and Images by Scott Lukaitis

MECHANICSVILLE, Md. (June 19, 2010) Within miles of the nation’s capital Mechanicsville, Maryland played host to Round 4 of the Lucas Oils AMA National motocross series. The MotoTees Budds Creek National returned to its customary Father’s Day Weekend event for 2010 and the the thousands of fans on hand were treated to great racing action including yet another first time visitor to the top step of the podium. With temperatures in the 90’s and humidity just as high only the most fit riders would prevail.

A sign of things to come

450 Motocross

Honda Red Bull Racing’s Andrew Short grabbed the holeshot in moto #1 with the Jagermeister/KTM 350 of Mike Alessi and Geico Powersports Honda backed Brett Metcalfe in third. With a clear track in front Short began setting the pace and quickly dropped the field. Current points leader Ryan Dungey was a little further back early but quickly worked his Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki behind Alessi but went down trying to make the pass. He was quickly back up but he was now without his goggles. This forced Dungey to look for alternate lines while attacking Alessi the rest of the moto. Short was comfortably out front when the checkered flag fell with Alessi in second and the still charging Dungey in third.

First moto winner Andrew Short
First moto winner Andrew Short

The second moto again saw Short grab the early lead but this time Dungey and Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s Chad Reed hot on his heels. Dungey got by first moto winner Short and started to check out. Reed remained in second keeping an eye on Dungey but he was never able to get close and pressure the points leader. After a first moto 14th place finish Troy Lee Designs/Honda Ben Townley was locked in a battle with the Muscle Milk/Toyota/JGR/Yamaha of Josh Grant. Grant’s first moto 5th could have put him on the podium overall but Townley dug deep and despite Grant getting around the Kiwi, Townley got back by and would grab the final step on the podium.

Ryan Dungey
Overall winner Ryan Dungey

1) Ryan Dungey 3-1
2) Andrew Short 1-5
3) Chad Reed 4-2
4) Josh Grant 5-4
5) Mike Alessi 2-12
6) Brett Metcalfe 6-6
7) Ryan Sipes 7-7
8) Ben Townley 14-3
9) Kyle Chisolm 8-8
10) Justin Brayton 10-10
1) Ryan Dungey 171
2) Chad Reed 135
3) Brett Metcalfe 131
4) Mike Alessi 129
5) Andrew Short 120
6) Josh Grant 116
7) Ben Townley 114
8) Ryan Sipes 81
9) Kyle Chisolm 81
10) Tommy Hahn 81
250 Motocross

Rookie sensation Geico Powersports/Honda mounted Eli Tomac grabbed the early lead in moto 1 but the Monster Energy/Kawasaki of Frenchman Christophe Pourcel was quickly around Tomac and checking out on the field. Behind Pourcel, DNA Shredstix/Star Racing/Yamaha backed Max Anstie got around Tomac and settled in for second place. Meanwhile back in the pack another Monster Energy/Kawasaki was making a move through the pack. Tyla Rattray was working hard and picking off riders on his charge to the front. With just a couple of laps to go, Anstie hit the deck and crashed his way off the podium. Rattray was rewarded for his effort and would end up second for the moto with a charging Geico Powersports/Honda Justin Barcia in third.

Christophe Pourcel
First moto winner Christophe Pourcel

Moto 2 took off with Lucas Oils/Troy Lee Designs/Honda mounted Wil Hahn out front followed by the field. Monster Energy/Kawasaki mounted Dean Wilson got by Hahn early on and set off stretching his lead on the field. First moto winner Pourcel was off the pace and Rattray and Barcia locked horns to do battle. Throughout the moto Rattray would be close to Barcia but an error near the end, when going for the pass, put Rattray off the racing line and Barcia got the gap he needed. Wilson cruised the rest of the moto and despite Barcia closing at the end he would take his first ever National moto win. Wilson’s 4-1 finishes gave him the overall as well, followed in second by Barcia and Rattray in third.

Dean Wilson
Overall winner Dean Wilson

1) Dean Wilson 4-1
2) Justin Barcia 3-2
3) Tyla Rattray 2-3
4) Christophe Pourcel 1-6
5) Wil Hahn 5-4
6) Broc Tickle 6-5
7) Trey Canard 7-8
8) Martin Davalos 9-10
9) Blake Wharton 11-9
10) Eli Tomac 10-13
1) Christophe Pourcel 169
2) Tyla Rattray 144
3) Dean Wilson 143
4) Justin Barcia 121
5) Broc Tickle 120
6) Trey Canard 120
7) Eli Tomac 109
8) Wil Hahn 106
9) Jake Weimer 94
10) Martin Davalos 82

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