Class of 2010 – Interview with Brandon Mays

Interview by Annie Connolly, 7/15/2010

Each and every August the Amateur Motocross scene must wave goodbye to several talented riders as they make the move into the pro ranks of the sport. With the AMA Amateur National Championship at the legendary Loretta Lynn Ranch quickly approaching in just one month, we caught up with a few of these graduating riders to get some of their thoughts on their Amateur careers and see what their plans are for the rest of the summer. Brandon Mays was one of them.
When did you start riding and who got you involved with it?
Started riding at about 7.3 years old and my dad got me involved with this addiction
First bike?
What do you see as your biggest accomplishment from your Amateur career?
15 championships but there will be more after Loretta’s
Best memory?
This girl I had in my motorhome
Who is/has been your biggest influence?
Josh Lichtle
What classes will you be racing at Loretta’s and what are your goals for that race?
250 A and 250 A Prosport, win both
What are your plans following Loretta’s – Will you be racing any of the remaining Nationals?
The last 4 Nationals
It’s a bigger jump for some more than others, how do you feel heading into the pro ranks? Nervous, excited, just ready to go?
Excited, ready to throw down.
How’s your fitness? How will you handle the longer races (30 min. +2)?
I guess we will find out.
Plans for next year? Anything lined up?
Yea, the number one plate
Lastly, anyone you’d like to thank?
Fox, Spy, Redbull, H.O.T., Renthal/Twin Air, Dunlop, 11/10 Mods, Arc, Kilbarger Racing, Renegade Fuel, Motor X, Cycra, N Style, Hinson Clutch, Hammerhead, Chad Sanner, 50/50 Konvict Records, my family.