Crimp Kit From Trail Tech


We have been doing restorations and upgrades to our bikes as long as we have been riding them and we’ve always wanted to be able to use the cool plug  type connectors that the OE’s use but could never find them. Until now. Trail Tech has a kit that includes the cool crimping tool and a variety of  bullet style connectors. Finally we can stop using the huge clunky junk  from the auto parts store. If you are building your own lighting system, making a wiring repair, or doing any sort of wiring on your bike and you are picky about doing the job right this is the kit for you. Connectors are the same as used by Honda, Yamaha and other motorcycle/ATV manufacturers. This kit will produce connections as good as the stock connections on your bike with no soldering. The kit comes with an assortment of connectorrs and include the crimping tool. Which by the way, is the bomb!

Retail: $49.95

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