Deadline Set for Vote on Stay of Enforcement

CPSC staff submitted to the commission Tuesday a document outlining the stay of enforcement of the new lead content limit as it relates to youth vehicles and their replacement parts. The commission is scheduled to vote by Friday on the wording, which is currently confidential. Whether such a stay will have any significance for the powersports industry is still unknown.

CPSC deadlines are often not met. The staff’s deadline for submitting the document, for example, was April 24. And the commission itself was more than a week late in denying the industry’s petition for an exclusion.

“Even if the CPSC commissioners do approve a stay, the vote won’t solve the bigger problem,” Ed Moreland, AMA VP of government affairs, said in a press release. “Youth-model motorcycles and ATVs should be exempt from the law, and Congress needs to act to make that happen.”

The MIC urges its members, dealers and enthusiasts to act now and show their support for S. 608 and H.R. 1587 by contacting their congressional representatives and appropriate committee members via MIC statements, press releases, video testimonials, news articles and additional information about the CPSIA can be found on the site.