Join the EDM Discount Club Today and Start Paying 15% Above Dealer Cost on the Purchases You Make

Imagine getting nearly any aftermarket part, accessory, or apparel item you want for dealer cost plus 15%. For less than a quarter a day, through Gaston Motorcycle Werks, EDM will give you access to discounts you will not find anywhere else. Call 704 685 6145 ask for Terri and she’ll give you the details.

Here’s an example of the kind of savings you will get: If you buy an EVS chest protector ($130), EVS R4 Race Collar ($119), and EVS Axis Knee Brace Set ($479) the retail total would be $728, with this discount, you’ll save $170. We think that kind of savings is worth the change in your pocket.

Besides saving some serious cash, you’ll be helping us continue to create the Bike Builds, Tech Tips, Product Tests, and other articles found on the EDM website.

If you make only one purchase per year, it will pay for itself. All of this by simply dumping the loose change out of your pocket! Just make a selection from the subscription options list below – Monthly $5.45 or save $10 with an annual subscription for $55.45 (the .45 is a credit card processing fee) hit the subscribe button to create a recurring monthly payment through PayPal – we don’t take any bank info from you, the entire transaction is safely handled through PayPal.

Vendors List:

The EDM Discount Club is for anything and everything you could ever need to keep your bike running strong! From oil to grips and tools, from boots to helmets, even tires we have you covered. OEM parts are not available through this program.

*The EDM Discount Club is only valid in the Continental US. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the EDM Club member*

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