Dragon Racing Fuels Announces Brand New Fuel Program for the East Coast Supercross Racers

Dragon Racing Fuels is pleased to announce an exciting and never before seen program for all racers competing in the East Coast Supercross Series. Chuck Newton, president of Newton Oil Company and parent company of Dragon Racing Fuels, states “Never again will racers have to travel their fuel to the races. Dragon Racing Fuels has created a simple, safe and economic way to procure your race fuel for your Supercross competition”.

Now you have two ways to purchase your race fuels. Either contact Dragon Racing Fuels direct at (800) 286-2500 or at (866) 586-7278 and place your order for what type of Legend Series Fuel you would like and how much fuel you would like to purchase. Place an additional order for a fuel jug and spout or bring your own to the Team Dragon Racing Fuels pit area and pick up your order!

Dragon Racing Fuels offer superior increase in throttle response, torque and horsepower in their entire Legend Series Race Fuels. Formulated by race fuel legend, Jim Meiser, Dragon Racing Fuels has introduced 3 new state of the art formulations with superior performance for the motorcycle market. Now you can access these exciting products for your personal and professional use through the new Dragon Racing Fuels Program.

Contact Dragon today and start making a difference immediately in your racing future!

Dragon Racing Fuels is solely manufactured by Performance Products Inc, a division of Newton Oil Company Inc, out of Lafayette, Indiana. Dragon Racing Fuels can be purchased from elite distributors nationwide from Florida to California. Stay tuned for upcoming exciting news from Team Dragon Racing Fuels.