Dutch Open Fertile Ground for KTM MX Riders

Red Bull KTM factory MX riders overcame rain and heavy track conditions to perform well in Gemert at the Dutch Open on Sunday with Tyla Rattray and Rui Goncalves snatching 1-2 in MX2 and Max Nagl third on the podium for MX1.

The KTM result was further enhanced by a third place in the MX2 category by junior rider Jeremy van Horebeek of the KTM satellite team GP Juniors Team Champ. Shaun Simpson of the new Team KTM UK also had a creditable day finishing fifth and sixth in the two MX2 motos.
Tyla confident and performing well

Tyla Rattray’s performance drew praise from KTM team boss Stefan Everts. “Today Tyla was very fast. He won the holeshot in the second moto and he dominated the race. He was on another level and it was a pleasure to watch him.” Tyla too was satisfied although he admitted to a bad start in the first race. “But I was able to close the gap and managed to finish second. I got the holeshot in the second and stayed in front all the way. The track was very heavy and badly cut up because of the rain,” he said.
Goncalves takes first moto

Rui Goncalves, who comes into the factory team for the first time in 2008 managed to recover well from a bad start in the first moto, overtake a lot of riders and secure the victory. The second moto was heavy going in the rain. Again he did not get away cleanly and was in back in sixteenth place after the start. He managed to survive a lot of jostling on the badly rutted track to pick up his rhythm and even without goggles because of the rain and mud, finished fourth for overall second place. “I put in some good laps and I am happy with this result and the bike,” he said.
Nagl outfoxed on last lap of first MX 1 moto

Max Nagl went out hard and fast in the first MX1 moto and lead the entire race before Ken de Dijcker slipped past him in the final lap. He crashed twice in the heavy conditions in the second heat but was quite satisfied with the result of this pre-season race. “I was on the podium so it was ok for me,” said the German rider, also new to the Red Bull KTM Factory Team this season. Stefan Everts said he had been disappointed that victory had eluded Max after he had won the holeshot in the first heat and opened up a 20 second gap on the rest of the riders. “He held is position for a long time and had a good speed,” Everts said. “We also found some good points to work on during training.
Factory team to train in sand

The riders now go with Everts to France for training in sandy conditions similar to those they will face in the season’s first GP. Tommy Searle, the other MX2 factory rider did not compete in the Dutch Open as he is resting up after catching the flu.
MX2 Podium
1 Tyla Rattray Z-A KTM 95
2 Rui Goncalves Por KTM 88
3 Jeremy Vanhorebeek B KTM 86
MX1 Podium
1 Ken de Dycker B Suzuki 100
2 Steve Ramon B Suzuki 86
3 Maxi Nagl B KTM 83