Making Things Happen

Have you ever done something on a whim, just for the sake of doing it? Without any sort of plan, only to find the end result wasn’t what you had anticipated? Could be something as benign as asking your GF to come to the track and hang out. Sounds simple enough, but you didn’t think to bring a chair for her, or suggest she bring a magazine to look at while you were riding and it turned out to be a complete nightmare, with her complaining the entire time. Asking when you thought you’d be done, you didn’t have as much fun riding as you normally do and you argued the rest of the evening.
Or maybe you joined the gym – sometime in January. You thought OK this is it. I’m going to start training so I am stronger when I ride. You even went so far as to buy a gym outfit and trainers with the best intentions of getting into shape but after a few weeks, got bored and stopped going. I hear about people doing this sort of thing all the time. It’s not easy trying to juggle a job, family and fun.
I’d like to know what is it about a person that makes them lose steam halfway up the hill. You have started, you made it this far and now you quit? Why do people lose interest or lack follow through for things they have started? If it is some wonderful activity like gardening, I can understand. You were never interested in the first place. But people give up on the things they enjoyed when they started. I’m a perfect example of this. I used to do Yoga 3 times a week, did it for 4 months. It is the perfect exercise for moto fitness. You gain strength and endurance without gaining size. Plus you are stretching which keeps the muscles loose and limber. Am I still going to Yoga classes? What do you think?
Another question I have is, why is it some people are always in a rush to get some place? Many of whom might alarmingly, not be able to tell you where they are going or why they are in such a hurry. Not that they are late, they just know they have to get there, now!
Other people just seem to have all the time in the world to get where they are going. You see examples of both of these personality types all the time on the freeways across the US. Each is maddening in his own way. It is said that a task will fill the time given to accomplish it.
I think all of this boils down to goals. When you have a goal, you have something to set your sites on, a direction in which you are pulled. Not the off-handed kind of goals that tend to lack conviction (New Year’s resolutions) but the kind that come from your gut that have some thought put into them. The truth is a goal without a game plan is just another chance for you to prove to yourself how good you are at starting something and not finishing it.
I happen to be a goal / list maker. I feel making goals and lists of things to do gives my life order and a destination or place to go. I find the list is vital to my existence. It gives me a road map, or the ability to create one, so I don’t just mosey along looking at the sights. While sightseeing can be fun, there are times for it and there are times for getting down to business. And as we all know, accomplishing what we set out to do requires getting down to business.
Another benefit to making goals is it provides you the ability to look back to a specific point of your life, rate your progress and pat yourself on the back. If you want to improve at anything, you have to make goals. Having a set of goals will give you the ability to affect your future and reflect on your past in the moment you are currently in, the now. Which, as it turns out, is where life is happening.
It is said that life happens while you are living it.
I agree.