Moto the Movie – Video Review

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Once again Taylor Congdon takes motorcycle film making to a new level. Moto is not the kind of movie you will sit back into your comfy sofa to watch. It’s packed with riding footage that will have you leaning forward in your chair and you’ll be wiping sweat from your brow half way in. From the moment Trey Canard rolls out of his shop to the final chapter with Cairoli being mobbed by fans and photographers, this film is riveting. With fantastic editing, an excellent soundtrack, enough POV footage to mix things up without getting dull, plus piles of creative camera angles Congdon captures the grace and beauty that is moto with slow motion, close up footage that is a treat to watch.

Footage covers MX, Etreme Enduro, free riding on some wicked trails in California and Washington and some interesting use of trials motorcycles. Riders include Trey Canard, Nathan Woods, Jessy Nelson, Steve Haughelstine, Richard Lancasater, Geoff Aaron. Congdon brings us right into their worlds with an informal modesty that is rare in the moto world. Moto the Movie is one that you will watch over and over, seeing new things each time. We’ve had for few weeks and have already watched it more than 5 times! The only thing we could ask for from Moto is more. Forty-three minutes is just enough to get your mouth watering!

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