EDM – New from Fasst Company

Here is something no dirt bike should be without! Of all the upgrades we have ever made to our bikes none has made such an impact for so little money. Most riders can tell you, proper control of your rear brake is critical to going fast. The trouble is rear brake control isn’t the easiest thing to have. Besides the fact that a rider is usually bouncing all over the place, rear brakes on modern bikes are super touchy and tend to lock at the drop of a hat. The new Rear Brake Pedal Return Spring Kit from Fasst Company is the perfect answer to this problem.

What this spring kit does is create a brake pedal that requires more effort to depress which in turn provides a far more progressive feel and gives you much better control over brake modulation. No more skidding into corners because of a heavy foot! The Return Spring Kit also minimizes debris from jamming the master cylinder as well as eliminating the stock return spring that attaches to the pedal.

Installation is a little confusing at first, but careful examination of the diagram will get you through it. It took us about 15 minutes the first time through and about 3 minutes for the next bike. While you are installing the Rear Brake Pedal Return Spring Kit add a Fasst Co brake clevis and have a sublime rear brake system. You be glad you did and we bet a buck your lap times will drop as a result. If we could give it more wrenches we would!

The Rear Brake Pedal Return Spring Kit consists of spring, spring bucket, and nut. The Spring Bucket contains the spring as well as sealing the master cylinder with the stock rubber dust boot.

Retail: $19.99
Get yours at: www.fasstco.com
Please note when ordering whether your master cylinder shaft is 6mm or 8mm.