Valentin Teillet from the KTM JM Racing Team got his the most painful victory. He crashed in the Saturday’s Qualifying practice and got the bad injury of the wrist. Nobody believed that he will be able to compete on the race, but he did and also won.In the first race Teillet exploded from the start and already after some corners, he had a big advantage. Loic Rombaut (Kawasaki) was coming closer and closer to Teillet. Some laps till the end, Rombaut passed him and crossed the finish line as the winner. Anyway it was a great result for Teillet. Even in the morning it was not clear if he will be able to compete, because the pain was too strong and his hand was swelled. The third was Ceriel Klein Kromhof (KTM) from Netherlands. The winner of the Saturday’s Qualifying practice Loic Larrieu (Kawasaki) was seventh.

Valentin Teillet

In the second race Teillet repeated the fast start and he did not looked like he is injured. Slovenian rider Klemen Gercar (Yamaha) was following him, but this time nobody could not passed Teillet. His wish for the victory was stronger than the pain. His first words after the second race were: »Maybe my hand is broken, but I am so happy!«. Gercar was very fast all the race and he finished second. Third was Nikolaj Larsen (Suzuki) from Denmark.

Nikolaj Larsen and Ceriel Klein Kromhof (KTM) joined to Teillet on the podium. All of the best riders have already tasted the greatness of the podium in this season. Gercar was fourth and French rider Loic Rombaut (Kawasaki) finished on the fifth position. The second rider from the EMX2 European Championship Classification Loic Larrieu (Kawasaki) got the tenth position. The advantage of Teillet in fron of him is already 79 points. The next event for the EMX2 European Championship will be 17th August in Heinola, Finland.

EMX2 podium

Rider’s comments:

1st – VALENTIN TEILLET: »Yesterday I crashed in the Qualifying practice and I got the bad wrist injury. I did not know if I will be able to ride today. I did two perfect results. Second and first positions are more that I could expected after the strong pain in the wrist. Specially in the first race the pain was insufferable. So today it was not easy for me. Now I will take some time for recovering. My next event will be in Finland in the middle of August.«

2nd – NIKOLAJ LARSEN: »It was a successful weekend for me. In the Qualifying practice I crashed but it was nothing serious. Today I did two good races. In the first race I was already seventh but I came to the third position. I am very satisfied. At the beginning of the season I just wanted to catch some points. Then I noticed that I am better that I thought and after I did not want just get some points. I started to have bigger goals. I think the short rest will be very welcome for all of us. I will try to prepare myself for the next event that will be in Finland.«

3rd – CERIEL KLEIN KROMHOF: »I am satisfied with my result. I did two good times. I was competing here for the second time and the race track was shorter than before. But I like it. Today it is my second podium. I had a good feeling already yesterday. My second race was better than it was before. I have a good KTM bike and a big support of the team.«

Nikolaj Larsen, Valentin Teillet and Ceriel Klein Kromhof