EVS Wrister Gloves – Review by Paul Aschmann

EVS Wrister gloves are very unique in that they incorporate a removable wrist support strap built into the glove. The gloves are comfortable and although a little bit hotter than others they provide great wrist support. They are perfect for riders who have minor or chronic wrists pain where a brace is not justified but some support is. This is just my case, and I can honestly say that since getting them, I very seldom ride without.

Overall they feel great, the hand and thumb padding is good and the fit is solid. The other great plus us is that the wrist supports are removable, so if you only have 1 bum wrist, it’s simple to remove the support and wear it like a regular glove. Hook and Loop fasteners allow adjustment of the wrist support as well as the amount of tension around the cuff of the glove – this allows you to add the support where you need it most.

Overall, I was very impressed with the gloves. When mine wear out, I WILL be buying more.

Retail: $56.99
Get yours at www.evs-sports.com