Fasst Co's Flexx Bar Reviewed

Most riders would agree, their handlebars are usually stock or were chosen based on price, the bar got bent bar the last time out riding so they needed to be replaced. It happens… We’d like to suggest you step away from what is typically done and consider the replacement bar you purchase before you rush out and buy it.

The handlebar is one of the most important points of contact between you and your motorcycle and depending on the material it is made of, can contribute to your ability to ride for long periods or rob you of hand strength and the ability to use your controls in just a few brief minutes. This is most commonly referred to as arm pump. and if you’ve had it you know how debilitating it can be. All bars these days are made of aluminum because it is light weight, it resists bending and has excellent flex characteristics. Inexpensive/low end bars will generally utilize a tube of equal thickness throughout the bar and high end bars will have a tapered wall design – thinner at the ends which lets them flex more at the grips to absorb some of the shock when landing hard.

Fasst Company has taken this concept one step further with their Flexx Handlebars. Their bar design allows the bar to pivot one direction, down as much as 1 inch at the end of the grip, depending on which elastomer is used. While this seems like a huge amount of travel, this pivot follows the same line as your suspension making the motion go completely unnoticed after the first few minutes of riding. The use of elastomer as the cushion between the handle and the center mount section serves two purposes. In addition to the flexing, it also provides the added benefit of isolating the high frequency vibration that comes from the motor, another cause of fatigue.

If you have ever met anyone who uses Fasst Co’s Flexx bar you undoubtedly will have noticed them swearing about how great they are. We have heard the same and thought these people are trying to justify the cost and are convincing themselves about the benefits the bar brings. Most often we hear “I’ll never go back to standard bars again”. At $349.99 the Flexx bars are not cheap. The question is… Are they worth it? We set out to find an answer. We tested the bars on a really jumpy, bumpy, rutty MX track with each of the available elastomers and also tested on a tight, twisty, rutted, rocky, super fun single track trail with some root filled sections thrown in for good measure.

What we found was… on the track the bar behaved very well, feeling no different than our normal bar after an initial period to “get used to them”. The Flexx bar felt incredible when landing hard from big jumps, providing additional suspension, just as advertised. We started our test with the softest elastomer and rode a few laps. On the softest setting you get a lot of movement, even when hitting small bumps. This was a bit unnerving on the track so we replaced the elastomer with the next hardest one and ran a few more laps. We followed this method until we finally got to the hardest elastomer available. For track use we felt the hardest elastomer worked best. All the movement the soft elastomer allowed had our testers complaining of arm pump. The hard elastomer did away with this and still let the bar flex when landing hard.

On the trails we found we were able to use a softer compound elastomer for the most benefit the Flexx Bar had to offer. We started with the firmest setting and worked our way to the softest, finally settling on the middle elastomer. This gave us the feeling there were no sharp edges on any of the sharp rocks or roots we smashed over, adding to our already plush suspension to make an un-matched experience of smoothness. The Flexx Bar from Fasst Company really is an innovative product that offers a rider the ability to fine tune his/her suspension to deal  with the most minute of sharp edge bumps. We noticed the most benefit when riding trails but could feel the benefit on the track without a doubt. These bars will likely be going from bike to bike for some time as we get new bikes into the stable for testing.

Retail: $349.99

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