Fandango Tank Bag From Giant Loop Review

words and photos: Sol Cohen

In a world of overly complicated products full of options, pockets and zippers, the Fandango tank bag by Giant Loop is quite unique. I have recently discovered a hidden zipper on my old tank bag which I had for 2 years. The Fandango appears almost too simplistic, however much thought was put into the practicality of the bag. The main compartment is lined with yellow nylon which makes finding small items a breeze (brilliant!), a removable (somewhat adjustable) stiff divider gives you the opportunity to create some order to protect delicate electronics from sharp objects, the walls of the bag are relatively stiff which make it retain its shape when not full, and something I personally really like is how Giant Loop applies their logo – it is a very unobtrusive tone on tone which makes the bag look simple and non-descript.

Above all else however the Fandango’s main claim to fame is the material it is made of. The bag (and the base) is made of what Giant Loop calls “Waterproof Bomb Shell™ material (22oz vinyl coated polyester – think trucker tarp)” and the material feels like it could withstand anything short of a nuclear explosion.

It also features waterproof YKK zippers, a huge plus. I love the fact that when it started raining while testing the fandango, I didn’t have to stop and fumble for the rain cover. I just glanced at the zippers to make sure they are closed all the way and continued on riding.“In the box” you’ll find the tank bag, inside it the manufacturer supplies you with a tube of seam sealer, a small brush and instructions on how to further seal the seams in case you experience any water leakage.

In use the bag only has two shortcomings, 1. the opening in the base of the bag designed to allow access to the fuel tank lid is too small and restrictive on all three bikes we tested and the other oversight in my eyes is that on certain bikes the metal zipper pull tab between the base and the bag can dangle and drag on the fuel tank surface and end up leaving a mark on the paint’s finish. As a solution, we wrapped some electrical tape around the zipper pull tab to prevent the metal from causing further damage.

Other than the above two minor issues, the simplicity of structure and design combined with the thoughtful functionality makes this the perfect tank. I find the size (10L) to be perfect for my needs on short day rides as well as a recent 5 day off-road trip abroad. If you have more than one motorcycle – get extra base/s.

For more info follow this link:

$164.00 – Additional harness: $70.00

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