ProFill Fix for Clogging HONDA CR450F Fuel Filters

With new technology comes a new set of problems and for those problems often come creative solutions. While Electronic Fuel Injection has revolutionized off-road motorcycle carburetion, we have seen on some Honda CRF450R’s clogging at the electronic fuel pump causing serious bogging and even stalling. In an effort to minimize this, a small company out of Australia called ProFill has developed a very simple but effective fuel filtering setup for all bikes. The filters are primarily aimed at the newer EFI models and their recent problems but can be used with just about any bike.

Since EFI’s introduction to the off-road world, a fuel injection’s Achilles heel has been problems with fuel pumps, or many people thought. Turns out a lot of owners are finding their bikes are bogging and are not running to their full potential, sometimes even running very hot under normal operating conditions. A fuel pump swap tends to fix this issue. But what they may fail to realize is that the fuel pump is still perfectly fine and has not gone bad. Here’s the deal, a fuel pump is nothing more than a simple electric motor. It either works or it doesn’t. The actual reason people are having problems is a result of fuel restriction due to clogged and dirty fuel pump filters caused by dirty fuel.

Simply removing and cleaning, or replacing the filter will generally alleviate the bogging/ stalling. But what does that say about the fuel you’re putting in your tank to start with?

ProFill developed a simple method in which to filter that fuel. A small ring of plastic that has a tapered edge to rest on the top of your gas tank opening with a mesh filter attached to it. That’s it, no moving parts, no trick installation, just set it in and go. The filter is made out of 100% nylon and is completely gas-proof. With just 60 hrs of use, running premium pump gas, our test Honda without the ProFill system had the filter clog to the point of needing a clean, two times. Since using the filter we have had zero problems with our EFI equipped CRF450R. The Pro-fill filter displaces less than 5ml of fuel and is easily removable at any time for any reason. You can also wash the filter with soap and water to displace any collected debris. So far the only dislike we have is that refueling takes a bit longer due to the fact that your fuel has to pass through the Pro-fill filter element as it enters the gas tank.

Cleaning/Replacing fuel pump filters – 2009 CRF450r shown

First you need to drain all the fuel from your bike’s fuel tank. Then you need to remove your fuel tank from the bike. Make sure to remove all electrical connectors and tether cords. There are 6 bolts that hold the pump in the bottom of the tank, remove these bolts and the pump will come right out.

The filter is inside the pump assembly at the bottom so you will have to separate the pump from the bracket. To do this, disconnect the ground (black) and power (red) wire first. Then there are 3 snap connectors that you need to push in on the bracket, while pulling the two pieces apart.

Once they are apart you will see the filter at the bottom of the pump.

Apply firm pressure and rotate clockwise to release the hook that holds the filter in place.

Now that you have the filter separated you replace it with an OEM part from your local dealer (part # 06160-MEN-A30) , or if you are in a pinch, you can try cleaning your current filter. We soaked the filter in a cup of carb cleaner while gently massaging the debris from the filter. Finish the process by blowing compressed air backwards through the filter. You never want to clean ANY filter (air, oil, gas) by blowing air in the direction of flow. To do so will push small particles of contaminants farther into the filter and thus giving them a better chance of getting into your engine. Once the filter has completely dried, re-install it and the pump assembly into your gas tank. Always be sure to run a few test laps snapping the throttle and working the bike to see if it bogs or hesitates. If it does at any point at normal operating temperatures, disassemble and go through the filter again.

*Note- we found that having extra fuel pump gaskets (o-rings on crf450r) on hand prior to doing this was a big help. The o-rings are crush rings and are not meant to be re-used.*


Tom Craft

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