Fly Racing and Leatt co-branded Neck Brace Coming Soon…

Carrying the official title of the Fly Racing neck brace engineered by Leatt, the co-branded braces — the Velocity for bicycle use and the Zenith, built for motorcyclists — are designed to fit at a price point that doesn’t directly compete with Leatt’s products.

The Zenith is a four-way adjustable brace that will retail for $359.95, while the Velocity adjusts three different was and retails for $299. The main competition for these products will be the neck braces on the market that are built by other manufacturers.

Like Leatt’s lineup of medically researched and developed neck braces, the Fly Racing braces are made to protect against five different type of injuries resulting from a crash — lateral hyperflexion, hyper extension, hyper flexion, posterior hypertranslation , and axial loading.

The company’s namesake founder, Dr. Chris Leatt, is a trauma surgeon who left his medical career to develop the brace after witnessing an enduro motorcycle accident that ultimately resulted in the death of the rider.

Proper fitment for a Leatt brace is crucial for protecting the rider and Davy says that there will soon be available an online video for the Fly Racing products to help dealers and customers properly fit the braces.

There will also be a lineup of different colored padding kits available for the Fly braces.

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