FMF Racing Runs the Take 20 Program Again

From November 1st through February 28th. For the second year in a row FMF Racing announces it’s Take 20 sales program. This “HANDS ON” sales promotion is designed to give back to our fellow riders who have made us number one. I started FMF back in 1973 because I loved riding motorcycles. Delivering the highest level of performance and quality is what drives us. What this means is you the consumer can walk into your local dealership slash the retail price of most FMF 4-stroke exhaust by 20%. Whether it is a dirt bike, ATV, sport bike, or side by side.
* Take 20 does exclude the new 2011 Factory 4.1RCT

FMF is like no other exhaust manufacturer. Located in the So. Cal Hot bed of motocross, FMF has nearly vertical manufacturing – everything is made 100% in-house utilizing American made material. This puts FMF in the unique position to control production cost and oversee quality without relying on third party vendors or outsourcing. By doing it all ourselves, we can take this unique opportunity to offer a retail incentive at a time when every rider could use it most.

Here is how the TAKE 20 Program works:

  • Take 20% off the retail price of all FMF 4-stroke exhaust.
  • The program starts November 1, 2010 and ends February 28, 2011.

Examples- Full Titanium 4.1 Megabomb system Retail $849.99
Take 20% $679.99
– Powercore 4 with Stainless Powerbomb full system Retail $499.99
Take 20% $399.99

That’s it! No coupons or mail-in rebates. You walk into your local dealer and walk out with one of the top aftermarket performance exhausts made – at 20% off.

Sincerely Don Emler
Owner and Founder

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