Former Quadriplegic Aaron Baker, to Ride Bike in Los Angeles Marathon on March 2, 2008

Former motocross champion, recovering quadriplegic and a founder of C.O.R.E & the “Rise Above Tour”, Aaron Baker, will hit the ground biking solo for the first time at the Los Angeles Marathon on March 2, 2008. Twenty thousand runners, walkers & bicyclists and a million spectators will join Aaron and his Rise Above Team as they get 26 miles closer to their goal of aiding individuals impacted by spinal cord injuries and other debilitating conditions.
This historic event, a tradition in Los Angeles for 22 years, will debut Aaron Baker for the first time in a public arena. The 29 year old youth world motocross champion and renowned professional biker, who is on the road to recovery after suffering a debilitating spinal cord injury in 1999 that left him paralyzed, is spearheading a movement of hope, caring and assistance through the “Rise Above Tour”. The athlete and former quadriplegic has overcome tremendous odds despite being told 8 years ago that he would have “a one in a million chance of ever feeding himself again, let alone walking.” Baker, a four year veteran of the Los Angeles Marathon will start his independent trek towards the finish line on a custom made Trik by biking the first twenty-five miles before he trades in his wheels and walks the last mile.

Baker’s stint in the Los Angeles Marathon is a dress rehearsal for his upcoming “Rise Above US Bicycle Tour ‘08” “Transamerica Trail Ride,” which will span three months in an epic 3,000 mile journey across America’s heartland. “The Rise Above Tour”, will start on June 10th in San Francisco and ride across the finish line in Washington D.C. in September. Following closely on the heels of last year’s tremendously successful ride, “Rise Above US Bicycle Tour ‘07”, this year’s cross country ride is guaranteed to generate even more national support, awareness and funds for the Center for Rehabilitative Exercise (C.O.R.E.) C.O.R.E. provides extended care and exercise therapy to people with disabilities after they have been released from primary medical care.
“C.O.R.E. is committed to the ongoing treatment and management of catastrophic injury and chronic conditions. We are dedicated to each individual client using a scientific approach towards the development of personalized goals.” With 11, 000 new spinal cord injuries annually, C.O.R.E. seeks to give individuals whose lives have been shattered by devastating spinal injuries the ability to regain mobility and lead active & fulfilling lives.
With Baker in the lead “The Rise Above Tour ’08” hopes to peddle its way to its goal of $1,000,000 benefiting the construction and maintenance of C.O.R.E. facilities throughout the United States. “I envision an abundance of opportunity for my fellow friend who suffers. A common place where he/she can improve the quality of their life through exercise and inspiration. Our goal is to provide this opportunity,” said Aaron Baker about his vision for C.O.R.E., which he hopes will expand nationwide.
Please join us for a catered brunch and Press Junket at 11:00 am – 12:00 pm at 869 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (0.3 miles from the Los Angeles Coliseum) In addition, please visit the “Rise Above Tour” tent at the Los Angeles Marathon finish line.
For additional info contact: Shelsea Jacobs CEG 310-444-0100