Getting Into A New YZ250F On a Budget

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A few months ago we were looking to procure a new project bike to do a few stories with. After much deliberation, it was decided we would go with a 250F since we had already used a 450F as a project bike and didn’t want to start repeating projects this early in the game. The next choice we faced was which bike manufacturer to use. It was a tossup between Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki. Since bike purchases consume a large amount of our project budget we wanted to find the best possible price so we let that be the key factor in making this decision. We find quarter liter bikes tend to get more abuse in the over-rev department so we were leaning toward Yamaha because of the durability of the 5 valve motor.

For this article we wanted to simulate our reader’s experience. By now you should know how we feel about dealerships in this industry. If you don’t, read this EXHAUST NOTE. It was time for an EDM covert operation. We went undercover, into several local dealers trying to negotiate the best price possible for a new 250F. We were shocked to find a lack of incentives from the manufactures making new 20009 bike prices extremely high. Even the left over 08 bikes, when we found them, were priced very high. It was time to dig a little deeper, maybe we could find a new-ish used bike with low hours. A few frustrating weeks of searching on Craigslist didn’t turn up any really great deals either. We did find some low priced bikes but they looked as if they had been ridden hard. We didn’t want something that was already thrashed. That’s our job, thrashing bikes!

eBay anyone?

Time to dig deeper, we did an eBay search using the keyword “250F” which brought up several used bikes, a ton of parts, some well priced “buy it now” 2009’s, and a few 2008’s at really amazing prices. We found a few new, unridden 2009 YZ250F’s at a price lower than we could have thought possible. And we found a 2008 for $4,300.00, out the door! But, there was a catch, there always is! It was the middle of 2009. Did we really want a new bike that was already a year and a half old? Another drawback was the fact that we would have to drive 9 hours one way to pick it up.