Giant Loop Saddle Bag Review

Adventure riders are always looking for the “perfect” saddlebags, but no one has found them. They just aren’t out there. I hear things like “These panniers are great, but they’re too wide for the narrower trails.” “My saddlebags are really solid, but when I dumped the bike I bent the sub-frame. Perfect  doesn’t exist, but Giant Loop has built something close to ideal for the Adventure overnighter. While the Giant Loop Saddlebags don’t have the carrying capacity of some of the aluminum or plastic panniers, but what they are lacking in size they make up for in durability and rideability. With the bags properly attached, you’ll hardly know they’re on your bike.


I tried the bags on several bikes (Honda XR, Suzuki DR, Hercules GS) and decided to permanently affix them to my KTM 640 Adventure. To give the bags a good workout, I rode back roads, Interstate, forest roads, and backwoods two-track trails. I considered giving the bags the ultimate test by riding some of our national forest sand whoops, but chickened out. I wasn’t worried about the bags staying in place; I was worried about riding the whoops on the Adventure. There are other KTMs more suited for that trick.

To give you an idea of the carrying capacity of the saddlebags, I loaded her up with a sleeping bag, KTM toolkit with tire irons, patch kit with CO2 bottles, tow rope, cell phone, toiletries (towel, soap, toothbrush, etc.), matches and kindling, zip ties, digital camera, and rain gear. If I was going to take the bike on an extended trip, I’d swap out my heavy, down-filled sleeping bag with something lighter and more compact.

The real selling point of the Giant Loop Saddlebag is that it will go anywhere you want to ride. You’ll never be hindered by width or center of gravity issues. Care in attaching the bags is required (read the instructions carefully), but the 30 minutes to an hour of installation time is well worth the trouble. The instructions are simple, but detailed enough to ensure a good install. If you have any problems, Giant Loop provides a telephone number in bold type. One thing you’ll be pleased to see is that there are no sub-frame modifications, racks or braces. A drill and a couple of wrenches are all you need to start riding. You’ll have to drill some holes in your plastic, but that’s a cheap price to pay for the versatility of the saddlebag.

Very well built (can withstand several dumps without signs of wear), water resistant, inexpensive, and unobtrusive. With the Giant Loop Saddlebag in place, you’ll never have to worry about your gear getting in the way of exploring some wild country. You may have other problems, but you won’t be able to blame them on your equipment. Combine the Giant Loop Saddlebag with a backpack and tank bag, and head for the mountains.

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