GNCC Bike XC1 Series – Round 11 Lafayette, TN

The FMF/KTM Team had an up and down weekend at the eleventh round of the GNCC Series.

In the XC1 class, teammates Kanney and Buttrick garnered decent starts. Kanney came out around 6th while Buttrick sat around 10th into the first corner. Kanney quickly moved his way up into the top three before having his first crash during the opening lap. He quickly remounted and went to work once again on the top five riders. On the second lap, he suffered another crash on the rocky course. Once again, he recovered – this time in 7th position. It was on the end of the second lap when he suffered a big crash that ended his race. Kanney hit a rock and got thrown over the bars hitting the ground hard and fast. The crash resulted in a broken wrist, ribs and punctured lung. Kanney was taken to the nearest Nashville hospital for further evaluation. It has been determined that he will be out for the remainder of the season.

Back in the racing action, Buttrick was sitting in 6th position and closing in on the top five riders. On the third lap, he was handed 5th position after fellow KTM rider and leader of the first lap, Chris Bach, suffered a crash. Bach would reenter the race with a broken finger to eventually finish 8th overall.

Once in 5th place Buttrick was able to close on 4th place rider Glenn Kearney and made the pass for the position on the fourth lap. Buttrick was able to pass into 3rd with two laps to go after current 3rd place runner, Thaddeus Duvall, crashed and ran off course. Half a lap later, Buttrick made a similar mistake and allowed Duvall to regain the podium position. With just under a lap to go the two riders were batting for the spot when Duvall made the final mistake and Buttrick moved around him. Buttrick would go on to finish 3rd behind the 2nd place ride of Charles Mullins and race winner Joshua Strang.

Overall Results XC1 Class
1. Joshua Strang
2. Charles Mullins
3. Cory Buttrick – KTM
4. Thaddeus Duvall
5. Glenn Kearney
8. Chris Bach – KTM
9. Shane Obanion – KTM
Overall XC1 Point Standings
1. Joshua Strang – 259
2. Charles Mullins – 230
3. Cory Buttrick – 211
4. Paul Whibley – 190
5. Chris Bach – 184

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